Deep liquidity across all market conditions is critical for an exchange platform, and it is a key differentiator for attracting traders.

Liquidex collaborates with crypto marketplaces that are at the top of the line to ensure the provision of liquidity across the market at all times.

A market maker plays an important role in improving transparency for exchanges regardless of their sizes by tightening spreads and increasing order book depth, resulting in a better trading experience for all traders.

Liquidex is a multi-stage investor in over 100 leading companies and protocols shaping the future of finance and technology.

We form long-term partnerships with our portfolio companies through our suite of services and global team of 250 crypto finance professionals.

Our Services

At Liquidex, we provide customized trading solutions, robust 24hr liquidity, max spread KPIs, post-trade analysis, order book size and market depth KPIs, API and infrastructure consultation, order book presence data, daily and weekly reporting, and risk management strategies to exchanges.

Portfolio Management Services

Customized yield-enhancing strategies can help you expand the size of your balance sheet with Liquidex.

All of our relationships in trading are viewed as more than just a business deal and rather as a partnership by our team, and we strive to collaborate with every counterparty individually in order to understand the return profile or target for their crypto holdings.


As a dedicated investor, infrastructure operator and liquidity provider, Liquidex collaborates with builders and token issuers.

The Liquidex team has built strong on-chain engineering and trading capabilities by integrating major DEXs and leading protocols.

Growing Crypto Market

Liquidex as top cryptocurrency market maker has consistently aided in maintaining healthy markets for a wide range of digital assets in the crypto ecosystem.

Market makers help financial markets become more efficient by reducing price volatility and discovering fair prices.

OTC Cryptocurrency Trading

Liquidex achieves unrivaled results for our trading counterparts by leveraging our connectivity to top exchanges and proprietary execution.

Our Smart Order Execution discovers unrivaled liquidity and prices from a diverse set of market participants and exchanges.

Trading Algorithms

You can tailor Liquidex proprietary trading technology to meet the specific trading requirements of counterparties.

Liquidex uses marketing strategies that adjust dynamically to both the liquidity and the volatility promptly, ensuring that you get the best price in your chosen timeframe.

Management of Risk

Liquidex has created ease in areas such as risk management, exchanges and hedge funds that are constantly faced with difficult risk management decisions.

These products are designed to reduce volatility while also defining and constraining risk parameters.

Exotic Varieties

Liquidex has been developing trading systems that follow an algorithm and derivatives in the trading of cryptocurrency market for the longest time.

Our highly qualified and experienced trading teams have worked hard to gain an extensive understanding and knowledge of trading through successful careers in finance and translated them to crypto.

Options for Personalized Cryptocurrency

Experienced traders develop customized options and strategies at Liquidex for crypto-native firms.

Custom-built swaps and options strategies provide a better match than exchanges for many in the digital asset ecosystem.